"Road Trip with Secrets" by Juels Foster

Juels FosterdelMundo

Audition Notice for the play, Road Trip with Secrets, at The London Fringe Festival, May 28th-June 8th.

There will be 6 performances plus the Performer’s Showcase on May 28th. No performance on June 6th due to Pearson’s Coral Celebration. Performance times are evenings during the week and afternoons/evenings on weekends. Venue will be determined later.

Director: Cindi Armer-Almeida (tinybubbles1936@gmail.com)
Stage Manager: Jenny Tepelitsky (jenny.teplitsky@outlook.com)
Playwright: Juels Foster (chummi@hotmail.com)

2, 8yr old females. (8-11yr old range)
2, 15yr old females. (13-17yr old range)

Location: London Central Public Library, 3rd floor
Date: Saturday, Jan. 19th
Time: 8yr olds: 11am
15yr olds: 12:30pm
Auditions will be a reading of the script and please contact Juels at chummi@hotmail.com for copies of the sides.

Old friends, Judy & Leah, haven’t seen each other in nearly 40 years. While reliving and reminiscing their past, through flashback scenes, the secret, which has kept them apart for years, is revealed.

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