Romeo and Juliet


We are seeking 16 actors to fill the following roles, and character doubling is as assigned below:
Chorus / Prince Escalus
Sampson / Capulet’s Cousin / Page
Gregory / Antony / Watch 2
Abraham / Potpan / Watch 3
Balthasar / Peter
Lady Capulet
Lady Montague / Apothecary
Benvolio / Watch 1
Paris / Mercutio / Friar John
Friar Laurence

For this audition, you should film yourself performing 1-2 of the sides listed here ( and upload it via this form. These should be included in one video, and performed with a southern accent, if possible, as we will be heavily using them in this production. In order to effectively participate in this show, a computer with a webcam/microphone, earbuds, and reliable access to the internet are preferred.

We will be accepting auditions until June 6th and the cast list will be posted on June 4th. Rehearsals will be held online via Zoom. The dates and times of rehearsals will be decided based on everyone’s availability, though I’d like to aim for three rehearsals a week in the evenings (EST) beginning June 6th-24th (not everyone will be called to every rehearsal.) The show will be recorded between June 27th-29th (again, based on availability) and streamed on Facebook.

If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to join and contact us via our Facebook group, Southern Fried Shakespeare ( Thank you, and we look forward to seeing your auditions!

Joe Chance Dudley, Director
Jess Townsend, Stage Manager

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