Script Analysis Workshop [Oct. 18, 20, 27]

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Script Analysis – THE TEMPEST, by William Shakespeare

In this workshop, we will read and analyze the text for THE TEMPEST as if we were actors or directors who were planning to stage it. The specific questions will be about the choices that make the characters and the play most interesting and entertaining. The more general questions are about what KINDS of things we should be looking for when we read scripts.

The workshop is geared towards actors and directors, but playwrights and general theatre-lovers are welcome.

We will have two sessions (3 hours each) to talk about the possibilities that we see in the script. Then we will attend the Passionfool production of THE TEMPEST at The Arts Project. Later on, there will be one last session to compare notes and discuss the live production.

Dates for the workshop are Oct 18, 20 and 27.

Maximum of 10 participants

Cost of the workshop: $50.00 (does not include admission to the show.)

This is the first of two workshops that will be offered this fall. The second corresponds to another production that will be taking place in London: Doubt, A Parable, by John Patrick Shanley, presented by Dariusz Entertainment (November 26th – December 5th). Take one set of workshops for $50.00 or both for $85.00.

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