"Skin Flick" by Norm Foster

Heather May

Maybles’ Productions presents “Skin Flick” by Norm Foster
Production Dates: May 14-18, 2019 at the TAP Centre for Creativity

“Middle-aged couple Daphne and Rollie and their friend Alex have found themselves out of work and out of luck. So when they come across a mistakenly rented X-rated movie, they get the idea to make their own porno film for some quick cash. The only problem is none of them want to star in it themselves. As if on cue, Jill, a birthday telegram messenger, accidentally arrives on their doorstep and their cast is set.” – https://www.playwrightscanada.com/Books/S/Skin-Flick

ROLLIE WATERS (45-ish+): not-yet-silver-fox (but almost), middle-aged costume salesman/narrator, earnest and humble and will try (almost) anything to save himself and his wife from financial doom.

DAPHNE WATERS (45-ish+): a creative force behind her husband Rollie, determined to make the best of a sticky situation.

ALEX TRATT (30-ish+): sleezy, well-dressed and charismatic (though entirely unrefined in personality), television news cameraman who attempts to be suave and fails every time.

JILL (30-35ish+): No-nonsense, quick-talking and unabashedly honest, won’t settle for less, boldly open and unmovable.

BYRON HOBBS (30-35-ish+): A bookie-turned-unlikely “male lead”, self-conscious and awkward accountant. A cuddle-worthy gentle giant to uprising modern sex symbol.

Friday, Jan 11th @7:30pm
Saturday, January 12th @2pm

36 Shepherd Ave, London ON.

-Please contact the producer, Heather May via Facebook or email (maybleslondon@hotmail.com) to confirm your spot at the audition.
-Please come prepared to read from the script and have some fun!
-All experience levels are welcome to apply!
-No monologue required!

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