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James Tot

Hello, I am looking for 3 actors (1 male + 1 female around 50 & 1 teenage/young adult male) for a short film I am directing. It is a STUDENT FILM for Fanshawe College entitled ‘SON’. The synopsis is as follows:

“Adam, an average teenage boy, desires his father’s approval and affection. He strives every day to impress his father but never can succeed. With all this neglect from his dad, Adam is driven into a deep hole of sadness and constantly asking himself the question “Why?”. Adam grabs a breath of fresh air when he finally receives his college acceptance letters. Upon telling his parents about the acceptance, Adam’s mother is proud but the same cannot be said from his father. Adam decides to put it all behind him and start a fresh new life at college. And more importantly, away from his father. That is until his father bursts from his workaholic shell and has a long-awaited intimate moment with his son on his final goodbye.”

Here are the Character Bios
ADAM (son)
“A well-groomed, good looking young man lays in his bed staring at his ceiling with no emotion and a clenched jaw listening to rock music on vinyl. He is thinking endlessly about his complicated and confusing relationship with his father. He stares blankly, lost in his own thoughts. He is deep in his own head spinning round and round in a circle wondering one question… Why?”
“Deep in paperwork, a classic-looking father is working hard in his study smoking a pipe. He is wearing a suit and tie, combed hair and reading glasses. He is interrupted by his son who just got home from school. His son leans his head in shyly and asks him a question. He tunes him out, so he won’t lose focus. Instead he says nothing and continues flipping through paperwork and completely disregards his son.”
“She loves her husband, and her son. But is caught between them not showing love for each other. All she wants is a happy ending. Is that too much to ask?”

If you are interested, please contact me ASAP at or via Facebook.
Thank You

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