Surfside Playhouse 10 Minute Play Contest


About our contest

Your play must adhere to the contest rules or they cannot be submitted to our judging panel. They may be posted to allow others to read and comment but they will not be part of the competition itself. Please read the rules.
To submit your script, do the following:

How to attach a PDF to a Facebook Group post.
1. Open a new post
2. Click on the “more” button at the top of the post block.
3. Click on “Add a File” and your good to go.

Surfside Playhouse 10 Minute Play Contest

This page is dedicated to the submission of unproduced and original entries for the contest and appropriate commentary by the members of the group.

What do I have to do?

Simply write a 10 to 15 minute play and post it here on this page. You have to follow the rules though.

Submitted plays will adhere to the following:

Plays must be 10 to 15 minutes long
No more than 4 characters
Must be Facebook appropriate (PG13)
Entries will be submitted only on this page
Each entry will be attached to a post as a PDF file

After I submit my play, what happens?

Your play will available to be read by all members and commented on.

Each submitted play will receive a formal critique by our resident reviewer. This critique will be available for all members to read and to comment on.

If my play is selected as 1st place, what do I win?

The winning play will be read online by accomplished Brevard Actors.

Winning plays will be eligible to be included in our 10 Minute Play Anthology performances.

These performances will be presented twice a year, live and onstage.

What is the deadline each month and when are the top three plays announced?

Winners will be announced the first Wednesday of each month at 7PM right here on Facebook. Immediately following the announcement, the winner of the previous month’s contest will be performed live on Zoom.

The deadline for submissions is the last Wednesday of every month. This gives our panel of judges the time to come up with a first, second and third place assessment.

For more information, email or call 321-394-1956 and leave a mess

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The length has been changed to 10-15 Minutes

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