the cardboard countess (LONDON FRINGE FESTIVAL) EMPLOYEE

urban spine

The Cardboard Countess part of the LONDON FRINGE FESTIVAL

Rotary Library Garden
London, ON
May 22-28
Wed May 30 7 pm
Thurs May 31 7 pm
Fri June 1 1 pm
Tues June 5 7 pm
Wed June 6 7 pm
Thurs June 7 7 pm
Fri June 8 4:30 pm
​Sat June 9 7 pm ​

Can be of any age. Trapped in a menial, minimum wage job, these employees find respite in their friendship, and with mischievous behavior.

Please fill out the form here:

It does not ask for personal info other than your name and Skype, and it has ll the dates and info you will need!

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