Theatre Nemesis Auditions – Thursday, August 14th

Jason Rip

Theatre Nemesis will be hosting auditions for two new projects on Thursday, August 14th, 6 – 10PM at the Grosvenor Lodge on Western Road.

THE COALSHUTTLE INCIDENT – A Jazz Age murder mystery to take place in November in London’s beautiful Elsie Perrin Williams Estate ( 9 actors needed )

SPIRITS OF PETERSVILLE – A new Halloween project involving the art of the story-teller: five extended monologues involving a bone whistle, a succubus, the ghost of a legless hobo, a tulpa, and a possessed gerbil. ( 5 actors needed )

Each of these assignments will be accompanied by a stipend of no less than $100. Please call to book an appointment ( 519-858-8809 ) or email

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