Heather May

Do you have a story to tell?
Do you ever feel like you can’t properly express yourself because of social obligations and “etiquette”?
Is there someone who you would like to apologize to for being cruel or judgemental to in highschool?
Did someone ever bully you in school?
Have you been intimidated by a child, spouse, parent or sibling?
Have you been put down, let down or threatened by a co-worker or supervisor?
Artistically Speaking Out Against Bullying (ASOAB) invites you to share your stories!
Bring your experience, your joy and pain to the spotlight.

ASOAB was created in 2011 by Carleana DeWilde. By using three primary art disciplines (music, visual and performing) in an innovative way, Artistically Speaking Out Against Bullying is a program for all ageswho have been negatively impacted by bullying. Creating a safe environment encourages participants to learn self acceptance, self discipline and self respect empowering them to make better life choices not only as individuals but as part of their communities as well.

Click here to see a short CTV report on two of the children this program worked with: http://london.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=917485

You can also visit Artistically Speaking Out Against Bullying’s website here: http://asoab.org/

If you have a story, experience, poem, song or rant you’d like to get off your chest or a message out to the world, we can help!

We are looking for anonymous stories by local people here in London that will be read or performed by actors (or authors if they choose) on November 23rd as a fundraiser for Artistically Speaking Out Against Bullying. In order to honour everyone’s comfort zone, be advised, this will be an 18+ event.

Location & ticket prices are TBA.

Please contact Heather May at maybleslondon@hotmail.com to submit a story, ask questions or get more information.

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