Helwa Ensemble

Playwrights Guild of Canada Presents Penn Kemp

Performer and playwright Penn Kemp has published twenty-five books of poetry and drama, had six plays and ten CDs produced, as well as Canada’s first poetry CD-ROM and several award-winning videopoems. As the Canada Council Writer-in-Residence at the University of Western Ontario for 2009–10, her project was the DVD Luminous Entrance: a Sound Opera for Climate Change Action. Penn is London’s first Poet Laureate, hosts an eclectic literary show Gathering Voices. Penn performs in festivals around the world, most recently in Britain, Brazil and India.

The Helwa Ensemble will be performing Penn’s sound opera Helwa: Experiencing Ancient Egypt.

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    1. 3:00 pm
      Playwrights Guild of Canada Presents Penn Kemp

      See https://theatreinlondon.ca/2011/10/playwrights-guild-of-canada-presents-penn-kemp/ for details.

      Location: Masonville Library

Presented by Helwa Ensemble

Location: Masonville Library