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The Black Seal

Thrill, tension, foreshadowing, and suspense all encompassed into one production. The Black Seal, performed entirely in Cantonese dialect, depicts a chilling example of “what comes around goes around.” What starts out to be a series of profitable business ventures turns to become poisonous unethical practices, leading to an ultimate downfall of the father. The son, innocent and unaware, becomes the victim who desperately attempts to amend his father’s evil deeds. The Black Seal is filled with hints of supernatural elements, as well as an accelerated plot development. In essence, karma exists and one should not challenge its power.

Tickets: $15; available by emailing moc.liamg@amardotnac and at the Palace Theatre box office, 519-432-1029.

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      The Black Seal

      See https://theatreinlondon.ca/2012/03/the-black-seal/ for details.

      Location: Palace Theatre

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