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behindthewire productionsMay 2018
  1. Luddite’s Rant: Come for the songs, leave with a mission!

    This show, starring Dan Ebbs as a busker and directed by Jake Levesque, is an interactive and entertaining one-man show featuring some serious questions about our role on this planet: do we deserve it? Were the dinosaurs with their pea-sized brains smarter than we are?

    As you walk into the theatre you see a familiar sight: a garbage bin overflowing with used cups, newspapers, plastic water bottles, and assorted other things we are used to seeing because apparently most humans are unable to walk the extra ten steps to actually throw something in the garbage but think it sufficient to just hurl something they don’t want toward the target. This familiar sight is an image of the unintended consequences of progress.

    A “luddite” is someone who resists modern technology. And yet our busker asks us to turn our phones on silent at the beginning of the show but not to turn them off. Suspense builds. Why? I thought from the title he would ask us to throw our phones away. But he knows that everyone in the audience has one, uses one, and needs one. What are the unintended consequences of progress?

    The answer is not all doom and gloom. The busker tells us stories, acts out various characters, strums the guitar and sings some wickedly good songs, such as “Beigeland.” Make sure you pick up a program in case you want to sing “We’re all in this together” by Margaret Does. We learn about The Miracle Game and about London’s sister city in China. We’re part of the problem but we each of us can be a part of the solution. Our busker convinces us to “be the change we want to see in the world.” “Luddite’s Rant” is “An Inconvenient Truth” meets “Woodstock.”

    An inspirational and educational, but above all, entertaining show.

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