The Nightmare Before Improv

It’ll be more exciting than scissors for hands!

Sunday in the Park with George

Inspired by the paintingA Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat, this stunning masterpiece merges past and present into beautiful, poignant truths about life, love and the creation of art.

Vision (Re)vision

A decade after the incident that reshaped her personal and artistic life, Angelica returns to the clearing by the river armed only with her fragmented memories and a desire to remember the truth. Have her fictionalized accounts of that night’s events reshaped her recollections? Vision (Re)vision presents one woman’s desperate attempt to carve a line between fact and fiction once the two have been thoroughly blurred.


Dominion Day

Little Red Riding Hood

Dark Crop Performance Festival

Join us for Ontario’s first annual nocturnal performance festival. Come, pitch a tent, enjoy a bonfire-side meal, and sit back for ten hours of theatre, poetry, and music, until the sun rises. In an effort to bolster Canadian creators and show new work, join us for an adventure no other festival can offer.

The Midnight Village: Donnellys After Dark

Travel back to 19th century Lucan-Biddulph and learn about the famous feud between local vigilantes and the Donnelly clan. Follow the crooked signpost down the Roman Line to hear ghostly tales of mayhem and anarchy that culminate in a terrifying evening with murderous results.

Shirley Valentine



Master abstract expressionist Mark Rothko has just landed the biggest commission in the history of modern art, a series of murals for New York’s famed Four Seasons Restaurant. In the two fascinating years that follow, Rothko works feverishly with his young assistant, Ken, in his studio on the Bowery. But when Ken gains the confidence to challenge him, Rothko faces the agonizing possibility that his crowning achievement could also become his undoing. Raw and provocative,Red is a searing portrait of an artist’s ambition and vulnerability as he tries to create a definitive work for an extraordinary setting.

Next to Normal